Manga Reviews (Masterlist)

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Akira Norikazu (亜樹良のりかず)

Heart Strings (ハート・ストリングス)

Shinohara Yukinari is a male escort at the host club ‘For Princess’. One night, while attempting to break up a fight between a colleague and hosts from a rival club, he attracts the attention of the intimidating yakuza boss, Sakaki.


secretary's job coverAraya Miki (新也美樹)

Secretary’s Job? (秘書のお仕事?)

Adorable and super-talented Takase is the star secretary of his company! His reputation’s been built on his amazing ability to make anyone he works with a success…but what will happen when he’s assigned to the lazy son of the big boss? Can a prodigy improve the reputation of a handsome slacker?


CJ Michalski (シージェイ・ミチャルスキー)

secret connection cover

Himitsu na Kankei (秘密な関係) Volume 1 / Secret Connection

When the young master of the Tatsumori yakuza clan, Tatsumori Ukyou, sought refuge from his enemies in a humble ramen shop one day, he fell in love at first sight with the shop’s aquamarine-follicled proprietor, Kakeru. 



Fuwa Shinri (不破慎理)

Black Diamond (ブッラクダイアモンド)

Yuu is a young and handsome executive, a ruthless businessman and a charming party guest ― but at home he’s just a wilful brat. Suffering under the pall of an abusive childhood and a dark family secret, Yuu’s only friend and confidant is his loyal secretary, Asa. 


tsumasakiTsumasaki ni Kiss (爪先にキス) Volumes 1 & 2

Homura and Touji are both night club owners involved in a 4-year secret relationship. Touji, though, is growing tired of sneaking around and wants to make it public. But Homura refuses, knowing this would bring disaster. 




In These Words Volume 1

Asano Katsuya is a noted psychiatrist hired to profile and extract a confession from serial killer Shinohara Keiji — at Shinohara’s own request. Plagued by headaches and strange gaps in his memory, Katsuya is forced to interview the disturbingly nonchalant Shinohara at a creepy safehouse provided by the Tokyo police



Haruno Mami (春野まみ)

Tsuki no Namae (月の名前)

After the death of his parents at a young age, Izumi is taken in by a family friend and the man’s twin sons, Tsukasa and Ibuki. Often plagued by nightmares, Izumi’s sole consolation are the precious nights when Tsukasa sits by his bedside until he falls asleep.


Hashida Yukari (はしだ由花里)

Jinsei wa Barairo Da (人生はバラ色だ) /  La View en Rose

When college student Yayoi’s parents uncharitably die in a plane crash, they leave him with a hundred million yen debt and a bunch of homicidal loan sharks on his tail. Salvation comes in the form of Kazuto, an oddball yet intense CEO who falls in love with Yayoi on sight. 


Hyuuga Seiryou (日向せいりょう)

 Amai Jouken (甘い条件) / Sweet Promise

Sick and tired of the physical and emotional abuse dealt out by his boyfriend, Taki Hisaya decides to leave his sorry arse for good. Unfortunately, the young man doesn’t have anywhere to go or anyone to help him — until French restaurant owner Sonobe Munekazu literally grabs him off the street.



Ike Reibun (池玲文)

Kanga na Spoon (閑雅なスプーン) / Elegant Spoon

Yoshiaki has a charmed life; he’s talented, making good money, and is beloved by his co-workers. His life is perfect but for one thing — that is to say, one person. Kasumi is a flaky freeloader who treats Yoshiaki like his maid and Yoshiaki’s apartment like a hotel.


Bi no Isu (媚の椅子)

When troubled youth Nirasawa left home, he was taken under the wing of senior yakuza member Kabu. Years later, Kabu realises that Nirasawa is not only willing to die for him, but is also madly in love with him.



Kisarago Hirotaka (如月弘鷹)

Keep Out

Fuyuki Toranosuke, a specialist in anti-terrorism, is on the most stressful assignment of his life as the personal bodyguard of the New York-based CEO, Kagami. A shrewd businessman and handsome blue blood, Kagami would much rather spend his time wooing Fuyuki than running his company.


Kuku Hayate (琥狗ハヤテ)

Joujin (情人)

Desperate for money, Aoi accepts a hit on the yakuza boss, Kurihara. Unsurprisingly, he’s caught during the assassination attempt — more surprisingly, Kurihara chooses to exact his revenge not through torture, but through sex.


Shisei Gokumon (死生獄門)

An anthology of oneshots. In the title story, two sexually frustrated guards to the door of the underworld can only ever banter with each other in brief snatches before they’re once again separated on opposite sides of the door by their diametric natures, darkness and light.


Kuruwa Aki (くるわ亜希)

Deli Café Boy (デリカフェボーイ)

A collection of oneshots. In the first story, cute café owner Miyagi is hounded to close his establishment in the wake of a proposed area redevelopment, but is saved at the last moment with funds provided by café patron and handsome company CEO, Kashiwabara. 



Natsumizu Ritsu (夏水りつ)

Good Morning (グッドモーニング)

Hayashi is a salaryman popular with the ladies, which makes waking up in bed next to one of his company’s male clients after a night of drunken revelry more than a little shocking.




Otsuki Miu (大槻ミゥ)

Calling (コーリング)

Timid salaryman Hinamura Kazuaki is taking his usual route home from work one night when he stumbles on a couple doing the horizontal tango behind some bushes. The next day, the male half of the couple appears suddenly before him.




Sakura Sakuya (サクラサクヤ)

Ouji, Ikebukurokei (王子、池袋系)

Cute, oft-bespectabled otaku Hina is busy at work in the manga/anime superstore he’s employed at when a “princely” advertising executive called Amai suddenly appears before him. When they meet again by accident and discover a common love of video games, a friendship develops. 


Oinarisama no Honey Bunny (お稲荷さまのハニーバニー) Volume 1

Uno Koharu is a perfectly ordinary high school student — except for the part where he’s a bunny. Yes, the floppy-eared, fluffy-tailed kind. Long ago, Koharu’s grandfather promised his soul to an inari (fox deity) in exchange for the power to assume human form, a skill that has been passed down to his descendants. 



Sera (せら)

Tsuki to Yabanjin (月と野蛮人)

Prince Uriel is ‘cursed’. Shunned by his family and country, his only consolation is reading books about the lost African city of Rowadis. But when Uriel’s passion for Rowadis leads to an archaeological tour that goes awry, he is captured by the mysterious clan leader Ald. 


Yamamoto Kotetsuko (山本小鉄子)

Honto Yajuu (ほんと野獣) Volume 5

The romantic adventures of Aki, the young scion of a yakuza family, and Tomoharu, a good-natured neighbourhood cop continue in volume 5, when an unwanted romantic rival enters the picture and Tomoharu must pretend to be a bigwig yakuza to scare him off.

Mankai Darling (満開ダーリン) Volumes 1 & 2

Murakami Takashi is busy at work in the flower shop owned by his manager and lover, Haruhiko. Unfortunately, now that they’re going out, Haru is constantly availing himself of Takashi’s body by groping and teasing him, even during work. Luckily Takashi isn’t about to give in to that, and despite their bickering, Haru and Takashi’s love only strengthens over time.