A fanfiction rec list for Yamane Ayano’s manga series《Finder》 ファインダーシリーズ

N.B. All recs are Asami/Akihito. Please consult each fic’s individual warnings before you read. In the case of multi-chaptered stories, only the link to the first chapter is provided.


Changes by twistedsheets10

Summary: Genderbent AU (Fem!Akihito). Shortly after ‘staying a while’ with Asami, Takaba finds herself pregnant, and not quite sure who the father is.

Comments: Rather than standard chapters, this fic (which is currently a WIP and has several side stories) is divided into vignettes. While I sometimes found the style of writing too contemplative and the fic’s time-jumping annoying, it really grew on me over time, and re-reading it revealed the depth of thought that twistedsheets10 has put into its structure. Don’t let the genderbent aspect scare you away — Takaba is still Takaba!


Double Exposure by rageprufrock

Summary: It turns out that Takaba is not cut out for normal, after all.

Comments: Set between the end of Fixer and the start of the Naked Truth arc. Things go down in Asami’s underworld, and he holes up at Akihito’s apartment until he can fix things. This is an early VF fic that depicts an Akihito emotionally scarred by his experiences in the first volume. Nevertheless, between domestic!Asami and Akihito’s unexpected boredom with his successful career, Takaba makes some startling realisations.


Everything to Lose by Sunflower1343

Summary: Akihito is gunned down and fighting for life in hospital, and Asami enlists the help of Takato to exact revenge.

Comments: One of my favourite stories by Sunflower, the characterisations in this are scarily accurate and the plot is tense and violent — I could easily see this as a story arc in the actual manga. Despite the pairing, a large portion of the fic is centered around the interactions between Asami and Takato, though there is plenty of payoff in the Asami/Akihito relationship department at the end!


Life and Death by gamingdragon

Summary: an AU set directly after the first chapter of Volume 6. Takaba is injured after inadvertently photographing the murder of a New York gangster’s daughter, and must hide out at Asami’s during the fallout.

Comments: I have to preface this rec by saying that Life and Death is in need of a better beta reader — spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes abound (and the writer is a native English speaker). Despite this, the characterisations of Asami, Akihito, Suoh and Kirishima are great and the original characters interesting and colourful. I also found Akihito’s interactions with his guards very funny, and Asami’s political machinations credible. Not the deepest fic, but a figurative page turner nonetheless.


Omiai by Sunflower1343 (Locked entry)

Summary: In which Akihito’s date with Asami turns out to be the other man’s marriage interview with an heiress.

Comments: This satisfying little fic is the perfect antidote for fans worried that Asami will one day toss Akihito over for the sake of a political marriage.


Sidetracked by eprime

Summary: Anything for a scoop.

Comments: Fem!Akihito infiltrates a day spa owned by Asami in order to spy on a corrupt politician. No points for guessing how that works out for her, but this oneshot is a triumvirate of humour, sexiness and brilliant characterisation. This is definitely the best genderbent Akihito I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, and the only thing that could make it better is if it were the first instalment of a ‘verse.


Take the Bull by the Horns by eprime

Summary: A novel-length fic set after the events of Volume 6. Akihito and Asami learn to navigate their own brand of domesticity, and Akihito gets himself embroiled once again in Tokyo’s seedy underworld.

Comments: A truly wonderful fic with great dialogue, a complex and thrilling plot, and a beautiful balance between drama and humour. The story slowly unwinds and builds up to its heart-stopping climax, and Asami and Akihito are left standing in its wake, stronger than ever.


There and Back Again by Sunflower1343

Summary: Akihito leaves Asami and moves overseas, but when he returns nine years later to reunite with his former lover, he discovers that Asami hasn’t forgiven him  — and is about to be married.

Comments: This is both an emotionally painful and heart-wrenchingly romantic fic. Sunflower does a great job writing a more mature Akihito, and an Asami who has completely closed his heart off. The confrontations between Asami and Akihito in this fic put me through the wringer — much of the time it looks like it really is too late for their relationship. Thankfully, the resolution more than makes up for the pain.


Yours, Mine, Ours by eprime

Summary: A morning in the life of Asami and Akihito.

Comments: A short and sweet fic inspired by readers’ observations that sometimes Akihito seems to have ‘borrowed’ Asami’s ties to wear to work. The result is a very funny and in-character oneshot about how that might have come about.

Fan Art Recs

Viewfinder Fan Art by Eres_seraphim

Asami Cross Stitch by Shingorengeki

Asami Ryuichi’s Wonderful Day (Cat Café Version) by Kedi Kedi


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