Finder no Chibi 2 (Part 1)

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23 comments on “Finder no Chibi 2 (Part 1)

  1. sweeny says:


    totally cute. I actualy love the backgrounds to the text too! very effective. And your chibis are So Cute! I particularly love Asami brushing Fei Longs hair ^_^

    • Ramona says:

      The backgrounds are actually scans I made of origami squares I bought in Ginza (which is why that part of Tokyo got an honourable mention in the last volume haha).Thanks for reading!

  2. Nbsiren says:

    rofl~ omg so good ^^ I look forward to more.

  3. yudashin says:

    Again very hilarious!! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

  4. randrews25 says:

    too funny and cute! love it :D

  5. hitachiintwinlover says:

    this is beautiful!!! wonderfully hilarious and it points out a lot of odd/off things I noticed myself!! good to know others saw the same things I did! can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

    • Ramona says:

      It’s always nice to get validation about things you notice as you’re reading! I guess that’s one of the fun things about spoof-tributes like this. Thanks for reading~

  6. Epistasthai says:

    As usual, this is just hilarious. Thank you so much for doing this and sharing it with us!
    These are just beautiful, really! I find myself looking at the patterns or the background or the layout just as much as I read what you’ve written.

  7. GPelka says:

    LOL…. REally great..
    Great job… :D

  8. Bluesnake says:

    This is great. Loved all the wit and humour in the fic. So many gems to enoy and laugh at. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  9. Ravyn Bryce says:

    Not sure how i missed the first chapter .. looking forward to more!! Nice start to the day, when at work will make certain to focus on Asami and Fei Long, the lovely hair brushing. Totally what I would want to do with Fei Long also. :)

  10. Just died out laughing, but resurrected just to be able to read more of it. See forward to the next chap. Big kisses and hugs.

  11. gingkotree says:

    moreeeee…… oh how I love those narrations and… love love love the footnotes. Thanks for sharing.

  12. shinta wahyu diana says:

    puffy-head fei long….. LOL hard XD


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