Law & Hors d’Oeuvres

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Status: work in progress (WIP)

Fandom: Viewfinder (Finder Series) by Yamane Ayano

Pairing: Asami/Akihito

Summary: Corporate lawyer Asami Ryuichi is the latest “star” of reality TV show, Japan’s No.1 Handsome Confirmed Bachelor. Flight attendant Takaba Akihito is tricked into signing on as one of the twenty-five contestants. But can he survive five gruelling weeks of competitive dating in order to win Asami’s heart?

Disclaimer: Viewfinder and its characters belong to Yamane Ayano and Libre Shuppan. This story contains sexual scenes between consenting adults, mild violence and some strong language. It is intended for an adult (18+) audience only.

Cover Art: Here.

A/N: Also available to read/download on Archive of Our Own! This fic was originally written for a prompt as part of the Yamane Ayano Livejournal Community’s first Careers Fest. The original prompt was:  ‘Corporate lawyer Asami is the latest “star” of a Bachelor type program. Flight attendant Takaba Akihito is one of the twenty-five contestants. Who will be Asami’s final pick?’