From Osaka with Love (and Crepes) Part 2

More highlights from my recent trip to Osaka! If you missed it, Part 1 is here ^__^

The good news: you don’t have to be embarrassed about buying secondhand p*rn anymore!


That’s right, thanks to this privacy curtain in Dotonburi’s Book Off, you can now browse the titty mags to your heart’s content without having to deal with the side-eye of all the store’s patrons (who are happy to buy their sexually explicit material from practically every other shelf in the store).

Seriously, though, I was initially naive enough to think that the curtain was there to shield the eyes of innocent children and/or the prudish gaze of elderly patrons who only came in to pick up their copy of German for Beginners. Then I remembered you can buy magazines and manga anthologies with covers of gape-mouthed anime characters and their physics-defying boobs in 7-Eleven, for chrissakes, so there went that theory.

Taking this photo (from a safe distance) and watching as disembodied legs shuffled behind the curtain was actually way creepier than if the curtain hadn’t been there at all, to be honest.

Food for the Soul

By which I mean Japanese-style crepes, of course!

crepe register

I got seriously addicted to these things when I was living in Tokyo and a vendor was always camped right next to my bus stop on the way home. Which just demonstrates evil genius-level business sense, especially when you’re an exhausted worker bee cursing themselves for forgetting to bring an umbrella on a day when it’s bucketing down but are still too damn stingy to buy a new one, and all you need to cure the soaking cold suffusing you is a nice hot pastry full of tasty, tasty things…

all dem crepes

I’m one of those dullards who always buys relatively plain crepes (almond, custard, chocolate sprinkles etc), and I was pleased to see my old favourite at this crepe stall near Namba Station. In addition to the lashings of whipped cream and matcha everything you’d expect to be on offer, there were also more unusual and savoury ingredients, including cheese and bacon (sometimes with the cream). Clearly a more omnivorous person than yours truly needs to try one and report back.

Of course, they never pack the crepes with anything that sustaining, so after about half an hour you’re left desperately craving another one — which is no doubt how I racked up so many points on my old Marion Crêpes loyalty card in Tokyo. Those sure were some good, artery-clogging times.



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