Tokyo BL Diary: Month 9.2

Saturday 22nd

So it turns out I’m not the only one who thinks phallic vegetables are a great stand in for that particular part of the male anatomy.

During a weekend trip to Asakusa with some friends, we went slightly off the beaten track by paying a visit to Matsuchiyamashoden (待乳山聖天) aka Honryuin (本龍院), a Buddhist temple apparently well-attended by men suffering from sexual dysfunction of various kinds. And the main kind of religious offering there? Daikons (Asian radishes), of course.

Daikons for sale

Daikons as shrine offerings, on sale for 250 yen each.

As a visitor, I couldn’t help but be charmed by the repeated daikon motif visible all over the temple, from (bifurcated) daikon lanterns…

Daikon lantern

…to carved daikons on the stairs leading up to the main part of the shrine.

Daikon carvings

After slipping off (or laboriously unlacing, whatever) our shoes, we also popped into the inner part of the shrine.


So while I may have become an ardent daikon-hater since I took my first sharp bite of the radish at age 16, I doubt I’ll be able to extinguish an inner twinge of fond reminiscence at the sight of one ever again.



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