[RECAP] Viewfinder: Pray in the Abyss Chapter 9


(I said I’d get this done in under a week, but that’s before I knew it was 26 pages…lucky for me it’s Golden Week fufufu).

So here’s my recap of Pray in the Abyss Chapter 9, and if you’re able, please support Yamane Ayano-sensei and the Finder series by purchasing a copy of the original chapter and Volume 7 when it’s released this August :)

The Short Version 

Akihito discovers exactly what depths he’ll “sink” to in pursuit of a story.

The Longer Version 

Beginning where the previous chapter left off, Akihito declares that if Asami needs it, he’s willing to go find out who leaked the information to the press about Sudou’s underhanded dealings. We know Akihito means it because he’s got his hand pressed against his chest, Oath of Allegiance-style.

But Dear Leader Asami isn’t very enthusiastic about Akihito’s proposal.


Asami is concerned about Akihito’s safety if he gets himself into this any further, especially because Sudou has been about as calm and rational as a chicken on fire since his exposure in the media. Oh, and it’s thanks to Akihito’s own photographs that part of this scandal was exposed in the first place. Akihito realises Asami is referring to ~that night~ he took photos of Kouyama outside the hotel with that girl…



Luckily for Akihito, Asami is extremely entertained by the idea of Aki “watching” what happened that night at the hotel.


Akihito storms off to the kitchen as if that’ll do anything to defuse his embarrassment. With Asami leaning in the doorway watching him, Akihito goes through their drinks and starts soliloquising about Sudou and his motives. If Sudou was so afraid for himself that he even cried, why did he continue to do underhanded things, digging himself deeper into a hole?


Akihito says that it looks like Sudou — and Asami — are really good at making a lot of enemies. Asami says it’s for that reason that he doubts the source of the report.


(Sure, Asami, that’s why things have been going so perfectly for you lately. I’m sure that’s also why you selected Sudou to run Club Dracaena in the first place, because his eyes shone with such trustworthiness cough cough).

But Akihito’s a journalist, so he can’t help but directly ask the stupid hard questions.



Asami also shares his opinion that Akihito currently looks like a naughty little kid returning after running away from home. So Akihito sheepishly implies that the only reason he didn’t come back was because he “lost” the front door key. Which: kinda accurate.

Not pausing for a beat, Asami says if that’s the case, they’ll simply get all the locks changed tomorrow.


Back to business, Asami tells Akihito that as soon as he learns anything about the source of the leak, he should contact him immediately.


Apparently discussing all this intrigue is the perfect segue into some soulful gazing into each other’s eyes, and possibly Wall Sex Round Two — though the scene fades to the next day before we get to see any action. (Personally, I just hope Aki had time for that long-awaited shower).

The next day, Akihito admits to himself that it looked like Asami didn’t really want him to get involved in all this, but even though the old bastard didn’t say it, he probably expects Akihito to get the job done.

So the next step in Akihito’s brilliant plan is to talk to the man who made Aki go take pictures at the hotel that night while he spent some quality time in the nearest public bathroom: Mitarai.


Mitarai is all “pish tosh”. While he says it was expensive to pay off the source, he’s adamant that the report is reliable and true value for money. Also, would Akihito give up chasing these leads down already? He’s throwing Mitarai’s job security into jeopardy — he has his dog to provide for, after all!

And that’s when a flower pot falls from the sky and barely misses braining Mitarai.

(No, really).



Though it seems Mitarai is shaken up enough by his near death experience with plummeting tulips to admit that, actually, he could have sworn someone tried to push him when he was waiting on the train platform the other day…

Akihito suggests he go to his source and reconfirm his information, but Mitarai waves him off and tells Akihito that he should be more worried about himself — and that if he doesn’t show his face at the magazine office soon, he’ll get sacked. (Though considering he won his job back even after his nonconsensual sojourn to Hong Kong and Macau aka the entirety of volumes 4 and 5, I wouldn’t be too worried if I was Akihito).

Akihito watches dubiously as Mitarai leaves, though it soon becomes clear exactly why Akihito wants Mitarai to touch in with his source: Aki has bugged the man’s phone. Or his person. It’s a bit unclear when or how, but let’s just assume that Akihito is a technology ninja, shall we?

Anyway, a few minutes later Mitarai calls his source, and Akihito listens in on the phone call…and the identity of this mystery person is!?

Sakazaki enters

Even though he now has the information he promised to get for Asami, the same random impulse that had Akihito trying to swim breaststroke from Hong Kong to Tokyo makes him decide that it’s a good idea to go meet with Sakazaki by himself.

Now, I’ve always kind of thought of Sakazaki as a detestable but perversely entertaining jerkwad who pops into the story from time to time to either move the plot along, or throw a wrench into the works. Not anymore. This guy is about to become Enemy Number 1 on my list of Viewfinder villains who deserve to be on the receiving end of Asami Ryuuichi’s guns and/or fists. Like, repeatedly.

Why? Well, the next part of the chapter was kind of spine-chillingly awful to read, so I’ve decided to soften the blow (no pun intended) for myself by converting it into a fairy tale. Fairy tales make the pain go away, okay?








Catboy Aki v2














Okay, so it’s a really shitty fairy tale. I warned you!

In the bathroom of Sakazaki’s club, Akihito washes his mouth out and thinks of vomiting. Don’t worry, Aki, I just did that for the both of us.

Still, Akihito got what he came for: Sakazaki all but tells him the missing girl, Aoki Mayu, is at Sudou’s call girl club, whose address he also gives away. Oh, and he also apparently took a picture of Akihito blowing him. For posterity, presumably.

Akihito marvels at how Sakazaki can so easily sell out the people he knows so long as it benefits him. Sakazaki doesn’t reply, so Akihito somehow thanks him for the tip off with a straight face and makes to leave. But before he can get through the door, Sakazaki has one last piece of advice:

Sudou is terrifying

OK, wait, that guy is terrifying? Do I even want to know what someone who just sexually coerced a young kid into giving him head thinks is so scary about that wannabe idol Sudou?

Sakazaki also suggests Akihito not get any further involved in this messy business, or else it’ll be all but impossible for things to resolve themselves peaceably. Yeah, I’m sure Akihito is just going to let all this go after degrading himself like that — and recording the whole thing on his voice recorder. Seriously, Aki? Do you really want lingering proof of what happened in the middle section of that “meeting”?

As he pulls on his beanie and ventures out into the cold night, Akihito thinks to himself that although it was for his work, for the information he needed, he really doesn’t want to experience something so humiliating a second time. He checks his watch and sees it’s an hour before his 9 o’clock check-in time with Asami, but decides not to visit the other man’s office in case that would be too bothersome. Besides, he’s not sure he can face Asami right now. (Why do I have a terrible, terribly ominous feeling that Akihito deciding not to see Asami now is going to end as disastrously as his decision to follow Fei Long to that parking lot in Volume 3?)

Instead, he decides to use the extra hour he has to pay a visit to the call girl club Sudou’s opened, little realising that he’s being a lot less stealthy about his movements than he thinks. Though how he misses Kuroda stalking him when the man’s eyelashes are practically a shining beacon is beyond me.

Kuroda sez

Really, Kuroda? You expected a flower pot to fall from the sky, and for Akihito to visit Sakazaki and whore his mouth out for the sake of a story? Considering your prophetic powers, maybe I should hire you to make:

3 Totally Valid Predictions for Pray in the Abyss Chapter 10

(most likely coming out in October 2013 — yes, that’s a six-month hiatus, but we shall persevere):

1. Just before Akihito enters Sudou’s club, Kou appears out of nowhere and marches Akihito off to his neurosurgeon friend. The doctor discovers the tumour in Akihito’s brain that caused him to act like such a f*cking idiot this chapter and promptly removes it.

2. Just before Akihito enters the neurosurgeon’s office for his follow up appointment, Takato appears out of nowhere and takes Akihito to see his shaman friend. The shaman discovers the evil spirit that caused Akihito to act like such a f*cking idiot this chapter and promptly exorcises it.

3. Just before Akihito enters Sudou’s club, he receives a call from his mother, who orders him home to Yokohama. There is no denying that woman anything, so Akihito leaves Tokyo and while he’s gone Asami fixes everything and Sudou dies in a tragic forklift accident and everyone is happy again. Pretty please? ._.


28 comments on “[RECAP] Viewfinder: Pray in the Abyss Chapter 9

  1. Ếch Ộp says:

    seriously, your mind is twist!!!! What the hell got in your brain???? LMAO
    kidding, I LOVE YOU!!!! please continue!!!!

  2. radcat38 says:

    I love how you condensed this last chapter of VF so perfectly. Your commentary is so spot on. I enjoyed it. I liked your predictions…I go with mother calling Aki and Asami magically fixing all things. lol.
    And Sudou is scary is a new fact that I am not sure how to take but am looking forward to finding out.
    I agree too and am wondering if Aki’s decision not to go to Club Sion will prove to be
    a big misstep. A totally disaster. Oh well. We will see what happens in October.
    At least we have the comms, you, and fan fiction to get us through until the next
    Thank you. This was great!!

  3. radcat38 says:

    PS. Loved the fairy tale. Well done. And works on a few different levels. And I agree…nicer to see that encounter in this fashion. “)

    • Ramona says:

      Thanks for your lovely comments, and I’m glad the fairy tale/allegory aspect worked for you. In the meantime, let’s do our best to get through this long hiatus! Ganbatte ;)

  4. runa93 says:

    Total awesomeness! I LOL’ed all the way through. I always look forward to your recaps, they’re hilarious!

    • Ramona says:

      Aw, thank you! I’m happy to hear there are people out there who’re actually looking forward to them, rather than me just foisting them on people haha ^^;

  5. Nbsiren says:


  6. missdi says:

    It will be all ok. And yes, we will perservere. I know he was a naughty boy in that chapter, but I don’t think Asami is going to kill him because a) he loves him and is really happy he is showing some emotion other than irritation at Asami’s continued attention (seriously that smirk!) and b) then finder will be over and I know it’s not b. c) reclaim bleep is the hottest bleep IMHO

    • Ramona says:

      Oh, I never thought Asami was going to kill him ;) Especially not after Aki legitimately sold him out in volume 3 and his only punishment was a kiss-torn lip haha. That being said, I’ll be interested to see if Asami comes up with a way to restake his claim on Akihito that isn’t just more rough sex.

  7. eprime says:

    lol, spot on as always. Loved the fairy tale–thank you for that. ^^ For some reason, “It’s very simple,” really cracked me up.

    • Ramona says:

      Ha, that’s actually a line straight from the chapter, so you can thank Yamane-sensei for that ;) I *was* amused at how Akihito’s attempt at homelessness over the last few chapters was all but undone by Asami saying he’d just call the locksmith over.
      So glad you enjoyed, thanks for commenting ^^

  8. Lorette says:

    You are so incredibly creative that it hurts. Thank you for another recap!

  9. Epistasthai says:

    this is hilarious – I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Thanks! Yeah, A Really Sh*tty Fairy Tale is about the only way to get through this chapter without being, urm, ill. And I especially luv the 3 predictions. A brain malfunction is about the only explaination I can think of to explain Aki’s idiot behaviour. I am not even going to try to think of what Asami’s gonna do when he finds out. And he will – it’s the first rule of yaoi.

    • Ramona says:

      *Especially* considering Aki frikkin recorded his meeting with Sakazaki, and Sakazaki took a picture — I can too easily imagine the latter sidling up to Asami at some Shady Businessman Convention to gloat ><

      • Epistasthai says:

        Yeah, I can well imagine that. Sakazaki doesn’t seem to have much sense of self-preservation does he? (He should know what Asami’s like).

        • Ramona says:

          Yeah, even during their first meeting in Volume 6, as soon as Asami’s name dropped from Akihito’s lips, Sakazaki practically threw him out of the club in fear. He seems to be more brazen in this arc…

  10. dragonchiclet says:

    Awww amazing!!! Gotta go look for earlier recaps now (am a newbie)

    Thanks for this, helps me understaaaaaaand … @_@

    I go with #2 – cause neurosurgeon would mean shaving Aki’s adorable mop :( … and mother: with a problem like that I would definitely NOT go to my mother *cringe*

    Wow lovely!!!

    • Ramona says:

      Hahaha, I like your bishounen logic re neurosurgeon ;) And hmm, maybe Aki’s mother just calls him back to clean her house while Asami deals with everything in Tokyo — true domestic partnership right there ;)

  11. Kanoma says:

    I ADORE you …. you’re the best XD .

  12. Penuttay says:

    I seriously frightened people laughing so hard at this. Perfect. You know I just can’t seem to stand how that damn boys (Aki’s) mind works sometimes. He has a sexy, rich, sexy, mysterious (did I say sexy enough yet?) man wanting him to live in his fucking humongous apartment and have mind numbing (proven, apparently) sex all night and all the does is bitch about how he doesn’t want to be there. If Asami was after me, by god I would pack my shit today. Has it been confirmed the date of the new release?

    • Ramona says:

      Last I heard the next Pray in the Abyss chapter is coming out October 28th, but there are supposed to be some VF-related announcements at the end of this month too, I believe (plus the release of Volume 7 in August).

  13. aresa says:

    My brain has just died!!! I can’t wait for another chapter. I loved your “interpretation” of it xDDDD

  14. Serephent says:

    I can’t wait for the English version of book 7! I have managed to track down all but book 3 for purchase.

  15. Serephent says:

    ROFL okay those are the best predictions EVER


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