Tokyo BL Diary: Month 7

(Before we begin, I want to apologise to my followers who received a notification about this post yesterday before it was actually ready to be posted >< My bad, and thanks for your patience! -Ramona)

Somehow it’s already the end of April, and it feels like all I’ve done this month is get back into the swing of things in Tokyo while simultaneously trying to stopper my ears so my exhausted, semi-melted brain doesn’t leak out. Oh, and a couple other things:

1) Right up until last night, online rumours and the lack of Yamane Ayano’s mention on Libre’s website in the blurb for this month’s edition of Be Boy Gold magazine (below) had me convinced that we weren’t getting Chapter 9 of the Finder series’ latest arc, Pray in the Abyss, this month after all.

gold april

“Nooooooooo” – collective fannish moan

I was sad, but figured that such was the nature of following serialised work of any variety. Instead I took to trawling Chinese-language forums and reading all the overwrought comments made by fangirls who were taking this continued lack of nekkid Asami oh-so-more-seriously than I was. Heheh.

But then this morning I read conflicting reports online that said Chapter 9 was actually out today. I’m an ingrained cynic, but one great thing about living in Tokyo is that all I had to do was wander down the road (or take the bus, shut up) to the nearest bookstore with a large enough manga section to see for myself if there was a new Finder chapter. So I did. And there was :3

Be Boy Gold June issue 2013

I’ve left my copy in plastic for now, but I’m going to enjoy this with my dinner tonight, and there should be a recap of Pray in the Abyss Chapter 9 up within a week if all goes to plan, so stay tuned!

2) The other good news for Finder fans is that a new volume (7, to be precise) seems to be scheduled for release in August!


Here’s hoping that unlike the last two Yamane Ayano manga volumes, the cover doesn’t involve the uke sprawling on the seme’s lap, with the latter in an armchair/chaise lounge. Not that I’m picky.

And naturally — because the gods of manga hate me — I’m leaving Tokyo in July. I was also in Taiwan when Volume 5 of Crimson Spell was released earlier this month, but at least I had time to come back to Tokyo and buy it in person.

Crimson Spell v5 cover

Which leaves me with a gorgeous new manga by my favourite manga-ka — but with absolutely no intention of reading it any time soon. Why? Because one of the vagaries of following a glorified work-in-progress as it’s released chapter by chapter — bi-monthly — is that sometimes you run out of steam.

For some serialised fiction I relish the anticipation that builds in between releases, and each new morsel of the story makes me ravenous for more (see: Viewfinder, innumerable pieces of fanfiction). But, for me at least, following along with Crimson Spell became a tiring prospect about three volumes in. It’s one of those stories that’s better consumed in one hit; epic fantasy devoured in an epic marathon. So when Crimson Spell is finally complete, one or two additional volumes down the track, I look forward to holing up in my room and reading it through seamlessly. Until then, though, bookshelf candy ahoy.

crimson spell v5

3) Yesterday was also apparently a day of impulse for me, because in addition to the “almond chocolate banana” crepe I snatched up at a stall in Kichjouji without my brain’s permission, I also picked up a new My Lovely Secretary doujinshi when I stopped by the local Animate.

my lovely secretary dojin

The sparkles made me do it.

I have no real defence. Sometimes my primitive, totally nonsencial smut-loving hindbrain gets what it wants.


Yes, Aki, flushed bewilderment is exactly how you should respond to the suggestion of “exercise” on a Saturday afternoon.

4) And finally, I’ve closed my manga review poll and collected the results! Seems most of you want me to review one manga per post, include more pictures, and keep the frickin’ word count down already. OK, I hear you. I’m sure this will be a character-building exercise for me. *sniffle*



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