[“Review”] Corsair by Minami Fuuko and Misono Erii

I have a bulletproof kink for pirate stories, so a few years ago I picked up the three volumes comprising Corsair. But rather than go into the failings and perverse pleasures of Minami Fuuko and Misono Erii’s BL manga, this time I’ve decided to let the protagonist’s incredible variety of facial expressions do the typing for me. You see, it doesn’t matter what crazy, piratical, life-threatening, death-defying (and sanity-defying) situation our hero Ayace Malik gets into, he always has an eerily complementary expression to go with it. Refuse to believe in his divine powers of countenance remodelling? I give you:

The Many Faces of Ayace Malik: Pirate

1. Sailing Towards Enemy Ships


2. One-handedly Fending off Falling Barrel While Locked in Deadly Combat


3. Going to the Seashore


4. Checking out Whacky Aphrodisiac


5. Doin’ the Horizontal Tango


6. Watching (blind) Lover Engaged in Mortal Combat with Mutinous Sailor


7. Announcing That He’s Been Doing the Pirate Princess’ Fiance


8. Receiving Ransom Note for Captured Pirate Princess


9. Discovers that the Man who has Captured the Princess is his Lover’s Older Brother, Who also Poisoned Him as a Child and was Responsible for him Becoming an Occultist Assassin


10. Discovers that his Lover Murdered the Former Attorney General While still Employed as an Occultist Assassin


11. Standing by as Lover Gets it on with said Attorney General Whom He was Supposed to have Assassinated but Actually Only Stabbed a Bit


As you see, things aren’t easy for poor Ayace — what with a confusing love life and all the glowering, sword-swinging, brooding, glowering, and glowering. So take pity on the man if you ever read this story, and instead marvel at his powers of facial expression.



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