[RECAP] Viewfinder: Pray in the Abyss Chapter 8


Apologies for the delay in posting this! As usual, please support the Finder series and Yamane Ayano by purchasing a copy of the original chapter and/or Volume 7 when it’s eventually released. Now, on to the summary :)


District Attorney Kuroda (remember him?) comes over for a chat with Asami, and Akihito eavesdrops on them like a naughty toddler listening in on the grown-ups’ conversation.


When we last saw him, Akihito was the unsurprising recipient of some very enthusiastic rear-end attention from Asami. Now, tired out and melting into his lover’s ridiculously thick, un-Japanese mattress, Akihito decides that he’s okay about staying with Asami after all. (Look, it could be the great sex or the magnetic attraction neither one of them can deny — but I’m thinking the fluffy pillow Akihito is grinning into has something to do with his decision not to flee for his chastity. For, like, the fifth time this month).

Meanwhile, in the shower, Asami is dripping broodingly under the spray until the doorbell rings. It’s Kuroda, the hot bespectacled district attorney who almost embarrassed Akihito to death on the street, all the way back in the first chapter of this arc.

Asami meets with Kuroda in his bathrobe to discuss matters too sensitive to mention over the phone, which is why they can talk about them in this totally eavesdrop-proof detached room instead. Which is when Akihito creeps out of bed and down the hallway, listening to every word they say.

Now hold onto your seats, guys, this interaction is about to get intense!

Pia8-1 Pia8-2 Pia8-3 Pia8-4 Pia8-5

Kuroda promises to keep investigating, though he points out that the timing of the article linking Sudou and the councillor is a little too convenient. And then Asami actually deigns to stop smoking long enough to say something.

Pia8-6 Pia8-7 Pia8-8 Pia8-9

Kuroda wants to know what the point is in keeping Akihito around if Asami’s not planning to involve him in this. As evidence of our photographer’s perceived uselessness, he mentions that he even “talked to” (read: ambushed) Akihito that one time.

Pia8-10 Pia8-11 Pia8-12

Sure you did, Kuroda, you seem to be doing a whole lot of that. Anyway, Asami wisely diverts the topic onto Sudou, whom he admits is as sly as a blonde, coiffed snake. And also someone he used to be able to use to do anything for him. But now, alas, Sudou is “broken”.

Pia8-13 Pia8-14 Pia8-15

Kuroda wants to know why Asami puts up with all of these “troublesome” things, and Asami remarks with amusement that Kuroda is being very glib today. With the starry-eyed defensiveness that seems to be characteristic of Asami’s accomplished-yet-sycophantic followers, Kuroda says he simply doesn’t want anyone “damaging” Asami’s assets. He’s also worrying that always being surrounded by greedy people has skewed Asami’s perceptions — like it isn’t obviously 35 years too late for that.

Pia8-16 Pia8-17 Pia8-18 Pia8-19 Pia8-20 Pia8-21

For a public prosecutor, Kuroda is sure as heck involved in some shady dealings. But rather than becoming incensed at this poor excuse for a civil servant, Akihito notes that Kuroda would have to be pretty calculating to hold his own against Asami — something Akihito knows he doesn’t have in him. (Empirical evidence backs this up: every time Akihito tries to put one over Asami, he ends up sprawled on a mattress or against a wall or on a kitchen counter with nothing but a bottle of olive oil to slick the way).

Just as Kuroda is putting on his coat and preparing to leave, Akihito pops out to offer him tea.


Kuroda declines the tea.

Finally alone again in the condo, Akihito and Asami have a Western movie standoff in the hallway. Until Asami tells Akihito that, seeing as he’s already up, he might as well take a bath. Personally, I’m reading this as Asami’s hint that after 3 days of sitting around outdoors (never mind their vigorous session of the horizontal tango), Aki kinda reeks.

Not to be put off, though, Akihito stops Asami as they pass in the hallway, with a shocking offer: if Asami needs it, Akihito is willing to track down the source of the gossip magazine tip off. The gloves are off, Kuroda!

3 Totally Valid Predictions for Pray in the Abyss Chapter 9

1. Sudou realises he’s basically a replaceable pawn in Asami’s game of hot employee chess and does something mentally unbalanced. Like scratching up Asami’s BMW with the stolen condo key, or launching himself at Kazumi “Brick Wall” Suoh with nothing but a Dracaena menu for protection.

2. …Yeah, I got nothing. Let’s move on to

3 Totally Valid Guesses as to What the Heck Asami Just Gave Kuroda-chan that Made Him Blush

1. Latest special issue of Tokyo Suit Dandy Magazine: Boxer Brief Edition

2. The last copy in existence of the glasses p*rn AV Kuroda did when he was a poor, starving law student

3. Top secret nuclear codes. Everyone dies. (Except Asami). (And Mitarai, because life is unfair).


Update: The recap for Chapter 9 is now up!


18 comments on “[RECAP] Viewfinder: Pray in the Abyss Chapter 8

  1. OMG!!! Iaugh so hard at your recap LOL Love Asami first and second expression LOL totally dead-on!!! Thank you so much

  2. Anonymous says:

    This was hilarious. My predictions for the rest of the arc include – Asami finds out about Sudoh’s threats towards Akihito and kills him for messing with his precious boy, but knowing Yamane-sensei this will take about three chapters to happen and only after Akihito is kidnapped or partially molested – again. As for the item, I am saying an out of print for centuries law book – or some kind of book in general honestly. He seems to the literary loving type.

    • Ramona says:

      Nothing makes me wish Sudou would die more than re-reading Pray in the Abyss Chapter 5, but I wonder if Asami would go that far — I think he’d only do it in cold blood if he lost control, otherwise he’d think up a more long-term torture. I guess we’ll see in the coming chapters >:)

      • shouichi says:

        Seriously it’s funny! And I think I understand your version more xD

        No waayyy… Why do so many people hates Sudou?? It’s not like I like the Blonde like him, but I think he have an ability to make the story more interesting. Y know.. As Takaba’s rival (though I prefer Mitarai as his rival) xD. And I thought we could see more abou Asami’s illegal business through him :p

        • Ramona says:

          Of course Sudou is fantastic for Viewfinder’s plot, but I think he’s one of those classic villains/rivals readers love to hate (in a way Fei Long never was because of how popular he became in his own right).

  3. Lorette says:

    Thank you for bringing hilarity and humor to an otherwise gloomy Monday morning. Love all the expressions of Akihito and Asami!!

  4. Mika Chan says:

    Shit, i’ll never be able to look at my bottle of olive oil the same way again. XD

  5. okrutnyb says:

    OMG! You are brilliant! I adore your RECAPS. And what I love even more is the idea of Sudou scratching Asami’s car with stolen key. Gosh, I was laughing so hard!

  6. Serephent says:

    LOVED IT! What a sense of humor! And I must say, your recap was SO much better than the English translation of the chapters I have been able to find. I caught more from this than reading the chapter itself LOL

    • Ramona says:

      I really enjoyed the last chapter, but I agree it was a bit hard to take in all at once (given the amount of dialogue and the shady political dealings/implications therein), so in that sense this recap was as much for myself as for others :P Glad you liked it!

      • Serephent says:

        My problem was with the actual translation. You have the luck of getting to read it in Japanese. Normally the English translation is just fine, but this arc is dreadful! Not sure if that is because it hasn’t been compiled into book 7 and given an official English language release or what, but half the sentences (at least in the only version I have seen) don’t even make sense (think “All Your Bases Are Belong To Us”) to the point it was painful to read!

        • Ramona says:

          I really sympathise, so situations like these give me an extra incentive to get these recaps out quickly for English language readers. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the official English release of volumes 6 and 7 — and probably 8 sooner rather than later, seeing as it’s a long-ish arc ;)

          • Serephent says:

            That would be great! The other problem I am running into is how hard it is to get a copy of them. Amazon sells them, but only has stock on random ones. The rest you all have to find used. Do you know of a better place to purchase them?

            • Ramona says:

              I usually pre-order new volumes from Book Depository.com (free shipping worldwide :3), and I have friends who use Akadot as well. But with the older volumes even these stores may be out of stock now and again, and it’s up to the publisher how often they reprint. Hope this helps :)


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