[REC] Sonny Preyer by Bridgette Hayden

sonny preyerSonny Preyer: A Fairy Tale of a Different Kind (Volume 1) by Bridgette Hayden

From the Blurb

Sonny Preyer is an Illumenae; a person whose DNA is encoded with the ability to renew and sustain all life connected to him. At eighteen, he does not want that responsibility. With it, comes a body of unusual gender, unlike any among his peers. With it, comes seven nations looking to him to keep them safe. And with it, comes the knowledge that he is hunted by human and inhuman seekers of power, each demanding the one thing he fears to give to anyone. His body. Doing so, has already killed him once.


For the sake of transparency, I should mention first that Ms Hayden was kind and generous enough to send me (hardback!) copies of the Sonny Preyer series across the world at her own expense after I inquired about reading the series before it was available in e-book format. Now it’s finally been published for the Kindle, and for the next few days it’s free to download from Amazon.

Although it begins in present-day America, Sonny Preyer has a fully-realised fantasy world populated by compelling (and delightfully morally ambiguous) characters, with some truly original concepts for magic and traditional rites. Ms Hayden’s writing is well-suited to high fantasy, with vivid descriptions and a lush style. I found myself reading all three volumes well into the night for nigh on a week, desperate to know how things would turn out for Sonny, the most unwilling of young heroes.

If you’re interested in reviewing any of the three Sonny Preyer volumes on Amazon, Ms Hayden has also indicated that she’s happy to send out free review copies, so be sure to drop her an email if you’re interested!



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