Tokyo BL Diary: Month 4


January 14 was both Japan’s Coming of Age Day (成人の日) and the day I opened my curtain in the morning to discover the driveway of my apartment complex covered in a thick blanket of some mysterious white substance — it actually took my Antipodean brain a few clicks to realise it was snow. Snow was falling from the sky, and it was wondeful, and shocking, and unexpected because I always neglect to check the local weather reports until a hurricane or somesuch is battering at my window.

To me, the advent of unanticipated snow was an Act of Weather, a portent that it was time to get out of my room and go to one of my favourite parts of Tokyo, Shinjuku. And not just to take photos of the skyscrapers shrouded in an icy fall of flakes but to visit the flagship Kinokuniya bookstore that’s so conveniently located near the train station. I don’t know, this is just how my brain works.

Shinjuku Station/新宿駅

Shinjuku Station/新宿駅

I wasn’t exactly equipped for the weather, because it turns out year-old, torn up Converse chucks aren’t exactly snow-resistant, but if there’s one thing New England has taught me in the past, it’s to bring a change of socks with me when things get slushy. I changed my socks in an honest-to-goodness powder room in Takashimaya and grabbed some shots of the overpass into Shinjuku’s business district before ducking into Kinokuniya.

I wasn’t after anything in particular, but a well-curated bookstore of this size is always worth a good browse.


And the staff here sure know how to lay out the superstars of the yaoi world in one place.

Train delays notwithstanding, I got home before the witching hour and decided to head back there the next day during my lunch break to see what everything looked like in more melted conditions. (I don’t think the fact that I can hop a train to Shinjuku or Shibuya whenever the hell I like will ever get old).


I also picked up the first volume of the US comic book series Saga and read it greedily in bed that night with the heat turned up (it may have stopped snowing, but a top of 3 degrees Celsius is never anyone’s idea of balmy). I don’t often read Western comics, but Saga was fabulous (Alana is a kick-arse heroine after my own heart, and who doesn’t love morally grey bounty hunters in love with an alien lady/spider hybrid, and omg Marko is a vegetarian action hero and there really needs to be more of those).

I have a growing feeling that more lunch break trips to Kinokuniya are in my immediate future.


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4 comments on “Tokyo BL Diary: Month 4

  1. lusi says:

    Oooh! Saga looks good. Thanks for mentioning it.

  2. Mike says:

    That poor girl, having to walk in socks and traditional shoes through that. Hope her toes didn’t drop off ._.

    • Ramona says:

      She was walking down the ramp in the direction of Takashimaya Times Square, so I can only hope she availed herself of their excellent air conditioning to ward off frostbite ^^;


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