Tokyo BL Diary: Month 3.2


December 18

Like the rest of the world, Japan hasn’t been immune to Harry Potter fever.

Unlike the rest of the world, Japan has responded with doujinshi.

And luckily for readers, retailers like Mandarake Shibuya stock a goodly supply of secondhand HP comics. Something you’ll probably notice right away, though, is that most of the manga-ka have been fairly, uh, imaginative with the appearances of J.K. Rowling’s characters. In fact, strip away the pairing information on the doujinshi itself, and you might have a hard time figuring out just which wizard is boning which witch.

And that means it’s time for…

~The Harry Potter Doujinshi Pairing Guessing Game~

Are you ready? Look at the cover, take your best guess, then highlight the answer under the photo to see just how wrong you were!

We’ll start with an easy one.

Doujinshi #1


Answer: Snape/Lily.

Correct! (I don’t believe you could’ve flubbed that one. Unless you always imagined a de-spectacled James Potter or Slytherin tie-wearing Sirius). If you’ve noticed that Severus Snape is looking a lot less greasy than you were given to believe after reading the books, well, that’s something of a theme.

Doujinshi #2


Answer: James Potter/Severus Snape.

Huh? You don’t remember those two leaping around in a romantic whirlwind of Every Flavour Beans? Or that the Half-Blood Prince was blue-haired? Really?

Doujinshi #3


Answer: Sirius/Remus.

If you didn’t get that one, don’t worry, “Emo Marauder Kiddies” is also a legitimate answer.

Doujinshi #4


Answer: Snape/?

Actually, Snape is the only one listed anywhere on both covers, but I’m hazarding a guess that the other guy is Lupin. It better not be Wormtail, is all I’m saying. Yeuch.

Doujinshi #5


Answer: Sirius/Harry. 

If you thought you’d get through this post without some vaguely incestuous underage creepiness, you were wrong.

Doujinshi #6


Answer: Remus/Sirius. Or hooligan youth laying around in the grass, I’m not sure.

Doujinshi #7


Answer: It’s Padfoot x Moony. Again. And no, Kiddie Bathtub Smut is not an acceptable answer, despite all appearances.

Doujinshi #8


Answer: James/Snape.

“Who is that strangely familiar blue-haired Slytherin?” you were probably wondering. And then you remembered. Such is the power of Kawaii Culture that it can turn even the most hook-nosed of your favourite characters into bishonen!

Doujinshi #9


No answer this time! Think of it as the Free Response part of the test. Though I’ll give you a clue: it’s not Kreacher/Hairy-legged Fairy Silhouette.


So how did you go? I’ll be honest: yours truly did a pretty bad job of guessing, though that might have been because I was too busy waiting for a Mandarake retail assistant to kick me out of the store for all of this unsolicited photography.


2 comments on “Tokyo BL Diary: Month 3.2

  1. Mike says:

    Haha, the title of the Snape/? one looks like it’s “Yua Basti”, or how a very drunk northerner might say “Ya Bastard”. The characters in the one underneath look like stoned hippies wondering what holds the clouds up XD


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