Tokyo BL Diary: Month 3.1


December 10

One of the things I love most about Japan is that practically everyone is a reader. On trains, waiting at bus stops, eating in restaurants — someone nearby will almost certainly be reading a book. But something tourists are quick to notice is that you often can’t tell what people are reading.That’s because the book’s cover will almost certainly be wrapped in paper, advertising the store where they bought it. (And conveniently disguising less than salubrious content, one presumes).


Actually, BL probably falls under that category of reading material that’s not quite public-friendly, so it’s a mystery why I asked for volume 5 of Honto Yajuu (ほんと野獣) to be de-plastic wrapped and slipped into paper when I bought it the other day. Especially when it required the sweet young cashier to open it up to slip in the paper…



Oh well. Another thing I like about Japan is that everyone is too polite to visibly judge you.


One comment on “Tokyo BL Diary: Month 3.1

  1. Renee says:

    DANG you could actually asked for that?? That’ll be really convenient!!!! (LOL in so many ways) I’ve read your blog and I find it really interesting and helpful!! Oh how I wish I could have a mini-Ramona to guide me on my days in Tokyo (in the middle of hunting the awesome BL’s) ^^;; XDDD


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