[RECAP] Viewfinder: Pray in the Abyss Chapter 6


So this isn’t technically part of my Finder no Chibi series, mostly because I wasn’t planning to do it until I read the last chapter and had all these ~feelings~ that needed an outlet. Also, if you thought my art was bad before, well. I blame the one week turnaround ;)

(I should mention that it’s probably better to read the original chapter or a more serious summary before looking at this, but hopefully it’s descriptive enough that if you haven’t you can still follow along). As usual, thanks to Dawn for looking this over!

 A recap for Viewfinder by Yamane Ayano, Pray in the Abyss arc Chapter 6

After a long day of not realising that Akihito has left him to pursue a relationship with his camera, Asami returns home. He soon notices the Takaba-shaped silence in the condo. Also, that no food has materialised on the table.

 The next morning, Asami is forced to prepare his own tea and saunter around in a state of semi-nakedness without his usual captive audience. He demonstrates his inner pain by staring intensely at the still-empty dining room table and dripping shower water onto the carpet.

Meanwhile, at Akihito’s workplace, his editor has also noticed he’s gone missing — for two whole days. This, from the same guy who thought Akihito disappeared the last time because he was at home playing WoW.

Mitarai isn’t worried though, because Mitarai is our favourite douchebag.

Of course, what Akihito is actually doing is sitting alone on a street, looking like a rejected Care Bear. (Though under pressure from social etiquette that says people must not bleed freely from their heads in public, he’s bandaged himself up).

And if there’s anything Naked Truth arc Chapter 9 has taught us, it’s that head bandages cure everything — even car crash injuries.

Akihito is sad. He’s sad because even though he was determined to follow his own path, he’s starting to realise all he’s doing is running away again. (No, Aki, this is you spending the entire day sitting in the same spot).

Summoned by the twin powers of Akihito’s hangdog expression and probable concussion, a kindly old man appears out of nowhere and urges him to go home. And gives him tsubuan pan.

Touched by this stranger’s kindness (and the bread) (mostly it’s the bread) Akihito is immediately cheered. So cheered is he that he remembers that in between getting beaten up and emotionally eviscerated by Sudou Shuu, he still managed to steal the asshole’s security card. From an inner jacket pocket no less. (I don’t really remember that happening, but whatever, we’ll play along).

Even though the card is the only tangible evidence Akihito has that his life isn’t totally f***ed, he considers tossing it away and just resuming work like normal. (Never mind the part where he’s currently homeless and kinda injured).

Suddenly he notices that the elderly, bread-giving gentleman is being accosted by some thuggish youths! Whaddya know, not everyone can be bribed to go home with convenience store snacks.

Before the old man can get himself mugged, Akihito leaps up and smoothly transforms into his superhero alter ego, Defender of The Elderly, Children and Cute Animals.

It’s actually kind of terrifying.

The next night, Asami comes home and fondles his scarf in agitation when Akihito doesn’t pop out of thin air bearing dinner in tight boxer briefs.

This leads Asami to one conclusion: Akihito isn’t planning to come back. (Conveniently forgetting the part where the boy’s left his every earthly possession behind at the condo, because that’s not suspicious at all).

Asami finally decides to call his surveillance guy about Takaba’s whereabouts. Turns out his lover’s been thrown in the clinker for public brawling.

In prison, Takaba is looking pretty relaxed for someone lying on bare concrete. Then again, he probably developed an immunity to incarceration during his teenage years.

Luckily for him, it isn’t long before he’s called out and escorted to freedom by a very well-endowed lady officer who wouldn’t look amiss on a convenience store magazine cover…

The lady officer asks Akihito which connections he’s exploited to get out of jail so quickly. That connection turns out to be Kirishima, who seems to be his usual self. That is to say, overworked and barely repressing a hissy fit.

When Akihito gets home back to Asami’s place, the crime lord is looming in the doorway, hip cocked, like some kind of glorious cross between a disapproving mother and a Versace runway model.

With his usual consideration for other people’s injuries, Asami grabs Akihito by the face and demands to be looked in the eye.

Whether it’s his superior information network or whether he has in fact developed mind reading abilities is yet unclear, but Asami knows Akihito isn’t telling him the whole truth about his disappearing act.

But it turns out Asami couldn’t care less if Akihito has been running around the streets attacking random people — what really pisses him off is that Akihito wasn’t paying him any attention. Because apparently Asami is 3 years old now.

Before Akihito can reassert his rights as an independent, self-functioning human being though, Asami’s body heat fries his brain. So it’s totally not Akihito’s fault when he initiates their make out session in the condo’s entryway, the glory of their slightly-awkward-height-difference revealed for the first time!


And now…

3 Totally Valid Predictions for Pray in the Abyss Chapter 7

1. Akihito gets a cold after sitting outside for several days, and Asami nurses him back to health. It’s all very Florence Nightingale.

2. Asami and Akihito proceed to have wall-sex. Just then, Sudou uses the stolen condo key.

3. Mt Fuji erupts. Hey, it could happen.

Update: Recap for chapter 7 is now up!


5 comments on “[RECAP] Viewfinder: Pray in the Abyss Chapter 6

  1. lusi says:

    I was also thinking about Sudou playing voyeur to steamy wall or sofa sex, preferably with Akihito writhing in pleasure on the receiving end of an Asami administered blow job. l’ve thought about this rather a lot. *fans self*

    Sodou’s going to be up to all sorts of mischief now. I wonder of he’ll try to set Akihito up with something so he can supplant him in Asami’s affections. Sorry Sudou, you may be pretty but you don’t have Akihito’s inner fire. No one talks to Asami the way Akihito does and that’s aprt of the attraction.

    • Ramona says:

      I have been wondering what kind of fallout Sudou will be on the receiving end of when Asami finds out exactly what he’s been up to ;) And apparently the next chapter is supposed to be from Asami’s POV, so who knows? (Also, when is Kuroda going to reappear?)

  2. shinta wahyu diana says:

    “some kind of glorious cross between a disapproving mother and a Versace runway model”
    ctrl+D this page

  3. Akira Hoemi says:

    It so funny . I already read this ch. but when i read your review .I can’t help but laugh XD

    what really pisses him off is that Akihito wasn’t paying him any attention. Because apparently Asami is 3 years old now. OMG!!!!


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