Sylvanian Family and Obscure BL References


Recently I was re-reading Usagi Otoko, Tora Otoko (兎オトコ虎オトコ) for the umpteenth time when I came across the bit where Dr Uzuki reveals all his family are short — and (naturally) Nonami compares them in his mind to a brand of small white rabbit toys called Sylvanian Family.

I decided this was a pretty obscure reference until I came across a set of Sylvanian rabbits in a stationery store in Taipei last year.

Yes, they are that cute. And obscure or not, this yaoi reference made my day ^^


4 comments on “Sylvanian Family and Obscure BL References

  1. hanayaoi says:

    I love that manga, and one of its strong point is cuteness!
    It’s so funny and sweet when Nonami imagine Uzuki and his family as a cute toy-like rabbit family XD!

  2. Mike says:

    Haha, I’m sure there was a Syvanian Families TV show on when I was very young (mid-late 80’s). But the show itself looked like it was from the 60’s
    Also, that car looks like a cross between an Austin A30 and a Morris Minor XD


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