Viewfinder Merchandise + How to Fool People on Public Transport, Maybe


To commemorate the release of the truly terrifying Asami doll by Libre (seriously, it looks like Asami’s vampire cousin) — yours in extreme pallor for only ¥99,750 or AUD$1,200 — I’ve decided to do a shamelessly indulgent post about my own foray into buying VF merchandise. I bought it all in one hit at Taiwan’s first Animate store near Xi Men Ding last year and, for the most part, it’s proved surprisingly practical.

1. The Viewfinder Card Wallet/Billfold

With the words You’re My Loveprize in Viewfinder in raised font all over it, and the inside a nice tacky silver, this VF card wallet also comes with a mini Akihito/Asami illustration from the manga.

Which my transport card is now obscuring for the sake of saving public face.

2. Viewfinder Letter Writing Paper

When I bought this last year I was on a letter-writing binge, and although the background colour made my totally amazing penmanship difficult to read, I’m sure the few friends I sent these letters to appreciated its ass-groping nature. I certainly did.

3. Viewfinder book covers

OK, so these seem practical — they’re sturdy and covered in plastic to protect your books from the elements, such as the ravages of bookbag water bottles. But the truth is, the only time I’m tempted to use manga-sized book covers is when I’m trying to hide what I’m reading from everyone on public transport. As one can plainly see, these Viewfinder book covers are probably more attention-attracting than the covers of manga I would be reading.

Thankfully, I have another solution. I call it the Make Everyone on the Tram Believe You’re Reading a Cool Shonen Manga Instead.

Make Everyone on the Tram Believe You’re Reading a Cool Shonen Manga Instead

Step 1: Find a Cool Shonen Manga on your manga shelf that is the same size as the Embarrassing Yaoi Manga you want to take travelling with you. For this example, I’m using Zetman Volume 1.

To create extra confusion for the other passengers, I’m using the Chinese edition.

Step 2: Swap the covers.

Step 3: Board your public transport of choice. Now no one will ever know you were actually reading My Lovely Secretary.

(Unless they look over your shoulder).


4 comments on “Viewfinder Merchandise + How to Fool People on Public Transport, Maybe

  1. アユ says:

    I was a bit excited to see Asami’s doll only to have my hopes crushed xD The doll was just freaky and the price LOL!
    Mmmm all that VF merch!!! Who wouldn’t want a letter with ass-groping 8D

  2. ichigojae says:

    Haha nice idea.. But I still don’t think I dare to read yaoi in public xD oh my Xi Men Ding has a store like that? It’s been a while since I’ve been to Taipei.


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