[REC] Nude Confession by Sera

Nude Confession (NUDE な告白) by Sera (せら), oneshot published in Junk! Boy, 2009

Warnings: boss/subordinate relationship. Also, policemen dressed like gangsta hoodlums.


After his respected colleague Takaishi’s confession of love, Mitsumine has been on cloud nine. Everything in their relationship is going swimmingly, except for one thing — Mitsumine refuses to take off his shirt when they have sex. What’s hidden beneath Mitsumine’s monkey suit, and will Takaishi be able to accept it when he finds out?


Can Sera do no wrong? (My doubts about her current kimono empire series notwithstanding?) Nude Confession is what all BL oneshots should be like: a self-contained story with a careful blend of mystery, suspense, humour, romance and lovin’. And sexily suited salarymen, of course. Both Mitsumine and Takaishi are sympathetic and admirable characters the reader can get behind as a couple. And despite the brevity of the story, Sera manages to convey their shared history and attraction through Mitsumine’s internal monologues very effectively. She also gets extra points from me for depicting a sexual relationship with problems, as opposed to the usual unquestionably fantastic and never-awkward scenes of smex we usually read. And the best part was I was left trying to guess the reasons for Mitsumine’s enforced modesty until the very end.

Highly recommended as a quick read — I wish Sera would do more oneshots!



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