Autograph Panels Outside Animate Ikebukuro


Last November when I visited Tokyo I made a special trip to Ikebukuro to check out the flagship Animate store there (アニメイト池袋本店). It was a freezing and rainy day, and I got thoroughly lost in the train station before I eventually found the right exit and the store itself. I was actually looking for BL merchandise (particularly Yamane Ayano stuff), and was really surprised and disappointed when I couldn’t find much of anything on any of the floors. Luckily, just as I was leaving via an adjacent laneway, I noticed a collection of autograph panels (サイン色紙) hanging on the wall, featuring many prominent manga-ka!

Sebastian from Yana Toboso’s Kuroshitsuji

Yukimura from Sakuraga Mei’s Waru series

They were all drawn in celebration of the store’s 10th anniversary. It wasn’t until I’d snapped several photos that I realised there were also signs prohibiting photography, but it was already too late. Besides, if I was cold and drenched with nothing to show for my troubles, I thought a few droplet-spattered photos was fair compensation. *shakes fist*

(Later, in Kyoto, I found an Animate with Finder (ファインダーシリーズ) merchandise. But as these were mostly air fresheners for use in underwear drawers featuring pictures of Asami, I left it at that).


2 comments on “Autograph Panels Outside Animate Ikebukuro

  1. アユ says:

    Oh cool! I’m going there January next year so I can’t wait XD What? Animate doesn’t have much BL? :( Aww, I was planning to go buy BL merch there…I guess it varies from store to store? I’m going to the one in Tokyo.

    AHHHHH SEBASCHAN AND YUKIMURA *A* Oh, luckily you didn’t get caught XD

  2. Ramona says:

    Don’t get me wrong, that Animate (which is in Tokyo, as it is the flagship store), had almost a whole floor dedicated to BL *manga*, but practically no merchandise (which was why I had gone in the first place — you can BL very easily elsewhere in Japan). But you’re right, it varies from store to store.

    And yeah, I was lucky not to get caught, though I feel a teensy bit bad posting the photos ^^;


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